Lucky CG World: Gnomon Hard surface texture painting

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gnomon Hard surface texture painting

BEHIND THE SCENES (BTS) is a new and exciting DVD series developed to showcase the creation of a game cinematic sequence. The series follows a team of artists as they demonstrate their production techniques from concept phase to final rendered animation. This chapter in the series focuses on hard surface texture painting for 3D models ∓ in this case a military styled helicopter. Ted begins by organizing the vehicle into discreet layer groups reflective of their final material assignments. He then shows various texture painting techniques and methodologies using Maya, Photoshop®, BodyPaint and ZBrush. The DVD includes production meetings with art director Mark Goerner and culminates with a spectacular rendering of what all the various maps look like when placed on the model. Topicscovered UV Layout Texture Planning Using Reference Metallic and Painted Surfaces Painting Hardware and Signage Painting Wear and Tear Reflection and Specular Maps Working with the Art Director Chapters 01: Introduction 02: First Production Meeting 03: Museum Visit 04: UV Layout 05: Exterior Textures Part I 06: Exterior Textures Part II 07: Hull Plating 08: Second Production Meeting 09: Interior Textures 10: Specular Reflection Mapping 11: Outro 270 Minutes.

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