Lucky CG World: VisMasters - V-Ray Video Training for Architectural Visualization | 1.2 GB

Sunday, November 23, 2008

VisMasters - V-Ray Video Training for Architectural Visualization | 1.2 GB

The VisMasters V-Ray Video Training includes 10 modules and over 8 hours of video intruction.

V-Ray Video Training for Architectural Visualization are pre-recorded training lessons designed to teach the concept of global illumination with V-Ray and how to achieve it with photorealistic and transcendental qualities. Each module is taught by expert instructors who work day-to-day in the production of architectural visualizations. Throughout these modules, users will learn how to maximize speed and efficiency in the same type of architectural production environment. Each module is a 30 to 90 minute self-contained lesson that covers the critical settings of each major V-Ray feature, and builds upon the instruction provided with each subsequent module.

Training modules are designed for users with little or no experience in V-Ray or users who wish to become more proficient with the product. A fundamental level of experience with lighting in 3ds Max is also required.

MODULE 01: The Critical Settings - Part I
MODULE 02: The Critical Settings - Part II
MODULE 03: V-Ray Materials
MODULE 04: Animating Static Scenes
MODULE 05: Image Based Lighting (HDRI)
MODULE 06: Lights
MODULE 07: Advanced Features Part I
MODULE 08: Advanced Features Part II
MODULE 09: Practical Exterior Lighting
MODULE 10: Practical Interior Lighting

Course Technical Requirements
* 3ds max 9If necessary you can download a demo copy of Max 9 for the course. Please note that demo copies of Max 9 are only valid for 30 days, so you will need to install the demo just before your class begins.
* V-Ray 1.5 (RC3 or later)

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