Lucky CG World: Simply Maya - Freaky Low Poly

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simply Maya - Freaky Low Poly

Simply Maya - Freaky Low Poly 469 mb

If you like stylized and fun low poly characters then this tutorial is for you.You will learn all the steps needed to make an organic game character from image plane to a completely textured low poly model.
In the first few sections, you will set up image planes of the front and side views and use those image planes to help you achieve the basic shapes and proportions using both nurbs and polygons. Then we will shape the geometry to create a clean and efficient model that will be about 2500 polygons.Once our model is complete we will shift into laying out flat effective UV's using the UV editor. Some of the tools we will be using include move and sew UV's as well as cut UV's. After our UVs are flat we will take a UV snap shot and import it into a paint program. There, we will learn how to hand paint textures using layers as well as a few filters to get our character really looking like our character design sheet.

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