Lucky CG World: Expressions for Michael 4

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Expressions for Michael 4

Expressions for Michael 4 573kb

32 expressions for DAZ's Michael 4

The expressions are: Ah—No, Angry, Awkward, Big Smile, Bite lip, Bored, Closed Smile, Cool, Cry, Effort, Fake Smile, Fear, Huh, Indecisive, Inhale, Kiss, Laugh, Mmm, Pant, Repulsed, Sad, Sexy, Shh, Shocked, Sleep, Smile1, Smile2, Smile3, Smug, Sulk, Wink, Yeah Right.- 1 zeroed expression file for Michael 4 Base.- 8 partial poses (affect the upper body).- 10 camera positions.