Lucky CG World: Houdini Master V10.0.249.5 - 64-bit Linux

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Houdini Master V10.0.249.5 - 64-bit Linux


Houdini Master is a full-featured 3D animation and visual effects software renowned for its node-based procedural workflow. Houdini Master is indispensible for visual effects artists and technical directors (TDs) and includes a fully unified dynamics environment.

Rise to new heights of productivity with Houdini 10. Designed to make artists more productive while equipping studios with the most powerful tools in the industry, Houdini 10 is destined to become a must-have release for 3D artists everywhere.

This is the Debian 64-bit Linux (lenny) Linux x86_64 gcc4.2 release

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