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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smith Micro Poser v8.0

Smith Micro Poser v8.0

Poser 8 is the world’s most complete solution for creating art and animation using 3D characters. With Poser,
it’s easy to make 3D art, whether you’re an experienced artist or you’re dabbling in graphics for the very first time.
Poser includes over 2.5 gigabyte of ready-to-pose, fully textured, human and animal figures, basic accessories such as hair,
clothing, pose sets, real world props and 3D scene elements so you can start creating 3D character art and animation in minutes.
To save time, Poser 8 has been performance optimized so you can pose your characters and render them faster on today’s multiple
processor systems. If you’re a serious artist, illustrator or animator or simply dream of playing with 3D characters, you’ll love
getting creative with Poser 8!


* Generate new characters from your facial photographs.
* Add hair and clothing.
* Dress Poser’s virtual stage with props, lights and cameras to construct 3D scenes.
* Automatically generate walking or running animations and talking characters.
* Import motion capture files for even more animated realism.
* Animate lights and cameras, and then render your scene into photorealistic images and video for web, print, and film projects.
* Export 3D figures to add characters to other 3D applications.



Check at


MIRRORS : HOTFILE Size: 3.65 GB 400mbs Each

Password: N/a


Still Uploading The Rapidshare Links of 400mbs each file at 100kb .. tomorow Those will be ready lol ...

In betwen we have already at RS below !


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Additional links

400 mbs each per file... in premium Acount - full instalation of 3.6gb

Here just Poser 8, no additional content:


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