Lucky CG World: TrueBones - MonsterBones MegaMotions Library

Saturday, November 28, 2009

TrueBones - MonsterBones MegaMotions Library

Perfect for games, animation movies, 3D character animation... | RS & HF | 349MB (1.06gb unpacked)

MonsterBones MegaMotions
Full Description

The MonsterBones MegaMotions pack over 2400 high-quality, clean and consistent motion-capture files in BVH. Great Variety, Low Price.

With the new TrueBones skeletal structure and conversion provides useful functional enhancements including improved ease of use and rigging ease.

Removing Neck dummy eliminates Poser error and correcting figure height creates less foot through floor and odd leg movement.

Rotational offsets are set to 0 improving joint rotations. Removing T-Pose and first frame improves over all animation when motion mixing, reduces file sizes and better Iclone compatibility.

A full searchable database list of all TrueBones Motions, including frame rate # of frames and motion description,

Included on C.D. for archival and backup purposes. (Now included with the New Version of the MonsterBones MegaMotions Pak!)

Once you rigg your character with a TrueBones skeleton, you can apply any one of the 2000+ motions in BVH format to your character without the need of re-rigging.

Perfect for games, animation movies, machinima, walk-throughs, simulation and a million other uses, MonsterBones MegaMotions BVH files can be use in your 3D character animation softwares like 3ds max, Poser, Maya, Endorphin, Lightwave, MotionBuilder, iClone and many others.