Lucky CG World: AsileFX - Getting Started with Vue 8

Sunday, January 17, 2010

AsileFX - Getting Started with Vue 8

AsileFX - Getting Started with Vue 8

AsileFX - Getting Started with Vue 8
English | 6h 46m | AVC1 1000x800 | MP3 128 Kbps | RS & HF | 554MB

Explore the features and workflow of Vue 8 Infinite and xStream standalone. Immediately dive right into this amazing application and learn to create amazing scenes. This training is useful to all Vue users, and requires no previous knowledge. Although, even advanced users will find this training helpful.

This training contains several projects designed to teach you how to use Vue efficiently, and covers features in typical usage scenarios. Learn to navigate in Vue and understand the users interface.
Learn time savers, rendering techniques, & more!

The first lesson starts with constructing a simple scene. Teaching you to control the four primary operation types in Vue;
Terrains, Materials, Ecosystems, & Atmospheres. As the training progresses, you'll dive deeper into the interface learning more and more tools and techniques; along with their applied usage and importance in creating amazing scenes.

Content is also included with the training.
Among it you will find scene files, materials, atmospheres, textures, and more.

To learn more about the lessons and projects in this training. Below you will find video screen shots, scene images, and some of the main topics covered in each part of the training. You can also you the topic jumps to the right.

Training Lessons

1. Quick Start Scene
2. Controlling Procedural Terrains, Landscape Materials, & the Sea
3. Infinite & Planetary Terrains, Spherical Scenes
4. Terrain Sculpting & Material Distributions
5. Autumn Scene
6. Spectral Clouds & Atmospheric Animation
7. Understanding Wind & Breeze
8. Object Operations & Manipulations
9. Cameras, Navigation, & Rendering

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