Lucky CG World: 3DATS: Practical Exterior Lighting in V-Ray

Monday, June 28, 2010

3DATS: Practical Exterior Lighting in V-Ray

Video Training | HF | 360Mb

Having covered the vast majority of the important V-Ray features and settings in modules 1 through 8, students are shown how to apply many of things discussed in earlier modules, to a real exterior scene created by 3DAS. In this module, students are shown numerous different lighting and rendering approaches including irradiance maps, light cache, QMC, HDRIs, progressive path tracing, the V-Ray physical camera and the VRay Sun. The instructor describes the process that he would go through to light and render this scene from scratch, and then describes some of the other ways that you might want to approach your scenes based on what the final deliverable, the time you have available, and problems that you might encounter along the way. Throughout the module, students are shown how to deal with the myriad of problems that may arise in any scene, such as splotches, noise, flickering GI, strange dots, running out of memory, excessive render times, system crashes, lack of detail and so on. The goal of this module is to teach students how to achieve the highest quality renderings in the shortest amount of rendering time.