Lucky CG World: Joegunn3d: Cloth Beyond the Character [HF]

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Joegunn3d: Cloth Beyond the Character [HF]

Video Training | HF | 806Mb

"Joe Gunn's "Cloth Beyond the Character" training DVD shows just how versatile cloth in Max can be. Joe's well though out tutorials and real world production examples reveal how the cloth modifier can be used to drive many physically based object interactions like bending metal and waving vegetation.

This DVD is a must have for anyone interested in building their skill set and thinking outside the box when it comes to cloth."

Learn cloth techniques that go far beyond just setting up character clothing. This title will take you into the relm of VFX using cloth as an animation dynamic toolset. CLOTH PRESETS included.

Introduction (Overview)

Customizing the UI & Resources/Scripts

Properties & Sim Parameters

Proxy Objects (pipeline)

Floating Paper

Ripping Cloth (Tire blowout)

Ground Breaking - Texture Driven

Car Crushing (Metal)



"Cloth Driven Hair Dynamics"

"Cloth Sea weed (Production Example)"