Lucky CG World: Brazil Pro Stable 2.1.1 For 3ds Max (2010/2011) Win (32/64)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Brazil Pro Stable 2.1.1 For 3ds Max (2010/2011) Win (32/64)

Brazil r/s is the industry standard for high-end quality, flexibility, reliability, and artist-friendly workflow in 3ds Max.
max 2010 32/64 | max 2011 32/64
No matter how mundane it may sound, reliability in your renderer, and especially on your renderfarm, is key to your ability to work efficiently, deliver on schedule, and avoid unexpected interruptions during a job. Brazil has always had a reputation for great reliability and we believe V2 will be setting new standards for how reliable a renderer can be.

Production Proven

Brazil r/s was instrumental in breaking 3ds Max into wide-spread high-end CG production. Brazil V2 continues our tradition of developing software in studio environments, and having already been featured in several films and other professional projects, we're confident that all artists will benefit from the additional tools and performance that our early adopters have demanded.

The Highest Quality
We could go on and on about the benefits of quality software, and the technicals behind how Brazil r/s allows artists to attain images of superior quality, but ultimately, it’s the imagery and the work that speak for themselves.

Whether your needs include film quality production rendering, architectural or engineering visualization or just 3D artistic expression, Brazil r/s is the renderer of choice for artists and studios world-wide. By being a truly compatible 3ds Max renderer, and by supporting the widest possible range of 3rd party plug-ins, Brazil r/s V2 lets you achieve any desired style of rendered output without having to retool your entire pipeline to suit a specific renderer.


Brazil's unbeatable, flexible, and artist-friendly tools are without a doubt the fastest and the easiest to work with of any rendering toolkit available. Time saved adjusting renderer settings is money-in-the-bank when it comes to your ability to tweak and improve imagery. Efficiency is key to creating quality imagery, and nothing kills efficiency like fighting with inefficient tools.

Raising The Bar

SplutterFish understands that rendering is key to what many of our clients do. We also understand that rendering means more than just installing a new plugin. Rendering is about quality, it's about how working artists produce their imagery, and it's about how the tools work with the rest of the systems a studio relies upon. Brazil r/s V2 is a suite of tools designed with these needs in mind. Once again, Brazil r/s raises the bar and re-asserts its dominance in the rendering food-chain.

Brazil Pro Stable 2.1.1 For 3ds Max (2010) Win (32/64)

Brazil Pro Stable 2.1.1 For 3ds Max (2011) Win (32/64)